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Social work is no joke, you have to really love and desire doing it for you to be able to handle all that it entails. If you love being with people and you really are good with people then you can be perfect at it. Social work entails helping people and most of the time, these are people you don't know and so don't have a connection with. You need to be compassionate about people and what they are going through to be able to help them the right way. All of your question about jobs with a soical work degree will be answered when you follow the link.


Now that you are sure about what you want. Then you need to get trained for it. There are many ways you can go with this but the main thing is, you will be working with people. You need to have the skills required to do certain things that will be required of you in this profession. You might decide to train to be social worker in a hospital or to deal with matters medical. This also entail working in nursing homes and other rehabilitation facilities.


Another area of specialization is substance abuse. This is one of those areas that will require you to deal with a lot of emotions. Getting off drugs and addiction is a very difficult thing and it will be hard on you to have to deal with so much emotion. There will be anger and mood swings and you have to deal with this with as much patience and love as you can. The good thing is, you will feel so awesome when you see them come out well and out of those chains they were in when they came in. Get attached to us now and learn some lesson about what can you do with an msw.


You could decide to work with child welfare. This is another career that will need you to be compassionate and caring. You will have to deal with kids who have been abandoned and feel like they are unwanted. There will be a lot of emotions involved and you need to be able to help the kids feel loved and cared for. As a social worker, you should be protective over them and able to know when a child is not being treated well. All in all, there has to be a love for children for you to be able to excel at this.

You could also work as a mental health social worker. This might require you to have a master's degree because there are certain concepts you should be familiar with. You will be dealing with therapy for the mentally ill so you need to know some deep things. Learn more about social work https://www.huffingtonpost.com/shari-medini/why-social-workers-are-amazing_b_9522192.html.


What To Know About Social Work Careers?